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Repair Or Maintenance

Mark M. Wright -  handyman and maintenanceHi, my name is Mark M. Wright. Apple Siders, Inc has been offering handyman repair and maintenance in South Carolina since 1978. I have worked as a handyman and general contractor for decades, and I know the ins and outs of all aspects of repair and maintenance. At Apple Siders Inc, each job will be performed quickly and accurately at a reasonable price. List of satisfied clients is huge and only continues to grow with every successful project.

Services Include:

Handyman repair & maintenance in South Carolina
Handyman windows installation in South Carolina

Window & Door Installation

I provide a variety of home window repair and window installation services in South Carolina that can get your windows working correctly in no time at all. In cases where the window needs a full replacement, I can remove your old one and get the new one installed correctly and quickly. I am comfortable with all kinds of sash and casement windows, and I'm here to help you.

I provide professional interior, exterior and storm door installation in South Carolina. Though you may have new doors in your budget, you may not have the time for proper installation. Installing your doors correctly the first time keeps them looking polished and will also make locks safer and easier to operate. I will install your new door, including double door, interior door, exterior door and storms door, making sure all locks click smoothly in place and doors open and close with no trouble.

Handyman door installation in South Carolina

Why to choose Apple Siders, Inc

Instead of looking for separate companies for specialized skills, wasting time and energy to find the right person, and waiting around for a repairman or contractor to make time for you, one call and I will be right at your door. If you need an emergency repair or you are ready to remodel your home, give me a call at 912-352-4294 for immediate service.


Mr. Wright of Apple Siders, Inc. sided my home and renovated my front porch. We were more than pleased with his work, and with the timely fashion it was completed. We are going to use him again to screen in our patio; in fact, we will any time in the future. - Bruce & Tina Ray
We appreciate the quality and value you provided as well as all the attention to details that really make your work superior. Working with you was a complete pleasure, and if we had to do it all again, we would. - Darren and Angie Baker
We are pleased to report that all business has been conducted by Mark M. Wright & his company, Apple Siders, in a highly satisfactory manner. As for the payment of his account, we wish all customers would be as prompt as Mark. In other words - they just don't come any better than Mark Wright and his company. We would highly recommend Apple Siders for any project you may have. - Sharon Cingle, President, CJ Siding Supply, LLC

For Immediate Service

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